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Below are just a few of the HUNDREDS of incredibly positive bride and groom comments and letters we receive. Call anytime for more (or an entire list) of letters and customer comments.

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Freedom Hall,

This is Patrick Smith, my wife, Denise Harada-Smith, and I had our wedding at Freedom Hall on April 27th. We were very pleased with the results! We have been meaning to drop you a note to let you know how happy we were and how awesome our day was. We still get comments about our wedding and how smoothly everything went. The team assigned to our wedding was Top Notch, especially Sandy and her assitant Betty, they were wonderful! We both were able to eat our dinner (which is a big deal) they took care of our every need. We were very impressed by the way you were able to accommodate our special needs when it came to the ceremony. Your team worked very hard to set the ceremony up "in the round". This was important to us and it came off with out a hitch! The DJ you recommended was fabulous and the Hall was pleasure to be in.

Also if anyone has any questions or you need a referral (which I am sure you don't!) let us know!Thanks again for helping make our wedding day one of the best days of our lives!

-Patrick L. Smith and Denise M. Harada-Smith

Dear Betty, Sandy, and staff,

I would like to start by thanking you for the wonderful job you did. I couldn't have picked a better place to have my wedding at.

The first time I visited the Freedom Hall I knew that's where I wanted to get married and celebrate my wedding. Gary was great in explaining all the services that came along with the very reasonable price of the hall. He walked us through everything, answering all of our questions. After the great tour of the hall and garden, we decided that we would reserve a date.

Everything fell into place perfect. The tasting of the food was great and our little one really enjoyed it. My personal favorite was when we got to decide on the cake. I really liked the fact that every part of the process of deciding what food to serve, what cake to have, what music to play was so organized and the people (staff) were so professional.

August 11th had arrived and one of the most important days of my life was here. I felt excited, anxious and nervous. Sandy and Betty did such a good job in keeping me calm. When we arrived at the hall to take pictures the hall was decorated and it looked amazing. The staff was so organized and kept everything flowing just like I had envisioned it to be. I remember Sandy giving my father, my son and myself the okay to start walking down to the bridge. As I saw everyone I felt like I was in a dream, like it wasn't real. The garden looked as beautiful as can be. I LOVED IT!!!!!!

That was the beginning of a beautiful day. The reception was great. All the guests truly enjoyed themselves. The food was arranged so nicely and it was delicious. Everything went smoothly, Betty and Sandy did great in lettings us know when it was time to toss the bouquet to when to cut the cake. It was 11pm and DJ which happen to be exceptionally great in playing music that everyone enjoyed, announced it was the last song. The end of a great day was over but the beginning a great life was on starting.

When people ask me "was your wedding everything you thought it would be" my answer is "I couldn't have asked for more, it was the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to".

Thanks to the wonderful staff (Betty, Sandy, Gary, the waiters, waitresses, bartenders, DJ, the setting up crew, and the cleaning crew) of the Freedom Hall and Gardens my wedding was a dream come true. We would like to thank you for the exceptional and wonderful job you did for us.

We will make sure to come back if you are still around for our 25th anniversary. From the bottom of our hearts, Jermaine and I would like to thank you.

Jermaine, Shawn (little one) and Julie Thomas

Your whole staff made our wedding a truly unforgettable experience. Betty was the best! She made everything fall perfectly into place. We could not have done it without her, (and the rest of the staff.) We thank you for everything from the bottom of our hearts.

Rhonda and Tony Kotanan

Danny & I would just like to say thanks again for all of your help. The cake & champagne were a pleasant surprise to both of us. Thank you so much for the cookbook, we definitely weren't expecting a gift from the Freedom Hall. Most places just take your money and thank you for it, but with The Freedom Hall we felt like we were treated like part of your family. Everything was so smooth, neither of us were nervous. Thanks again to the entire staff for making our day so special for all of our family friends.

Daniel & Jamie Agiluie

Dear Mr. Baker,

I don't know how to begin to thank you for the wonderful wedding your company provided for our son and his new bride. Yesterday was a day so full of love and memories that it will take a long time for my emotions to catch up. Adam and Stephanie truly had the wedding of their dreams!

Our guests were so impressed with the wonderful job your staff did to make them fully enjoy the day. The reception was a party we wanted to go on forever. Betty and Sandy and your other staff members did a remarkable job from beginning to end. We have already recommended Freedom Hall to other engaged couples and will be attended the reception for one such couple in early October. The parents of the future bride attended our son's wedding and couldn't help calling their daughter during the reception to tell her how pleased they were.

We created many, many memories yesterday and were able to truly live in the moment thanks to the wonderful care we were given by your staff.

Heartfelt thanks,
Joanne Romero

Dear Gary, Tina, Betty and Staff,

We wanted to express our deepest gratitude to all of you in making our wedding day a wonderful experience. Every detail on the day was perfect. The food was divine, the music and DJ were great, and the staff was very pampering. Everything throughout the day went so smoothly. We received many compliments on the Freedom Hall with all its amenities. Our guests loved the ambiance inside and out. The garden area set off the wedding with such charm. We were very fortunate that the weather permitted us to have a garden wedding.

We, and our parents, thank you again for making the day so very special in every way.

Rachelle and Knowledge Hardy (Bride and Groom)
Dianne and Don Pini (Parents of the Bride)

Dear Sandy,

We cannot begin to thank you enough for the wonderful day you gave us on Friday, July 21st. The greatest gift you could ever give a bride and groom is a stress-free, fun wedding day; and that is exactly what you did. You kept us on time with the photographer (which I know was not easy), but at the same time, we did not feel pressure to leave our guests and moved freely about the reception visiting with everyone.

The little things that you took care of (so that we did not have to) made the reception run without a hitch! Just some examples...I forgot the cameras on the table but you didn't! We added an extra person at the head of the table at the last minute and you did not bat an eyelash! you got all those pins off our clothes in record time to greet our winning married couple (and there were a lot of pins)!

We were so tired at the end of the ceremony and I was dreading the clean up and gathering of our items, but of course, there in the corner were our things packed up ready to go! In the rush of formalities, we did not even get a piece of our own wedding cake. But when it was time to leave, you handed us a bag with our names on it (what a nice touch) and told us to open it in our hotel room. Sure enough, there were four pieces of our cake (two of each kind) and a bottle of champagne. What a wonderful treat.

It was the little things that you and your staff did that made a world of difference. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and it looked like our guests did, too! Just when you think customer service no longer exists, you come to the Freedom Hall and see it alive and well. Thank you so much for a wonderful wedding reception and treating us like royal customers.

Clay and Christina Foutch

Dear Gary and all Freedom Hall employees,

June 9th will live in our hearts and memories for many years to come. We hope it will live in yours also as the day you hosted the wedding of your most satisfied and grateful couple. We had the best time of our lives and everyone has said, "it was the absolute best wedding they had ever attended." Our sentiments exactly! Gary, you are the host of all hosts. The perfection level went far beyond dreams or expectations.

Much Thanks,
Tiffany and Michael

Freedom Hall Gang and Gary,

We can't thank you all enough. So many places "say" they will do what they say. You without a doubt are the very best!

Thanks Again!
Joy and Michael Madden

Freedom Hall especially Sandy,

Thank you for all the hard work you put in to make our wedding the best day of our lives. I don't believe you missed anything. On top of it all, your attitude is so wonderful and your disposition is wonderful to be around.
We love the cookbook!

Mary and Bill

My daughter's wedding was in March.

The staff was exceptional in that we had a different flair to our event. It was a Scottish wedding. And the groom and his fellow gents were in Kilts.

Freedom Hall staff assisted our menu additions of Hegus (spelling unknown) Which required special storing and warming instructions. They also assisted our getting "specialty Scottish beer" I can not say enough about the special treatment they gave my daughter in her moment of fantasy and glory. The coordinator was so good - we felt we were served as royalty. I have NEVER had such a wonderful occasion and I must say - I have just completed three of my four children's weddings and this was the most smoothly running one yet. The food is still being bragged about by relatives. And the service was so fine - that I know many of my guests will be looking into future business with Freedom Hall. I have one more child that is to be married - needless to say Freedom Hall will get my business then. The whole event was so well coordinated that I actually got to be at the wedding as a guest - instead of the host. What a fun time we all had to.

Tina was so special - she saw to everyone's needs before we did. She handled everything - including a grumpy little one - who wanted to stop the bridesmaid. She handled it so well that only the mother knew there was a problem. She made sure I (mother-of-the-bride) was attended to and not forgotten. Needless to say I am ranting and raving about the most glorious occasion I have ever had. Where were they for my other weddings - gee.... Rest assure you will be treated with exception care. And your relatives will be bragging about your wedding for years to come. I PROMISE

-Penny Hill

Mary and I just got married on June 4th. We wanted to thank Sandy and everyone for all they did. It was a beautiful day and a lovely experience. We would recommend the Freedom Hall.

Sincerely, Mary and Bill Crawford

p.s. The food was wonderful (as noted by all who attended).
p.p.s. We loved Sandy!!! :)


My ten year old daughter and I attended a wedding last year at your freedom hall. We flew in from Southern Ca. and had a wonderful time visiting. My daughter is a peticular eater and it is very rare that she likes anything different especially at a banquet buffet. She absolutely loved the chicken , I think she had three helpings, which is totally unlike her. I was shocked that she liked something so passionately like chicken, since she lives on french fries and nachos. Every time I have brought up the couple who had their reception there in the past she just wines about getting that chicken recipe from them. Well I finally wrote my cousin whom gave me your address. If you can help please let me know.

Janis Morris
Corona Ca.
P.S. My daughter wants her reception there just to eat your chicken :-)

Dear Gary Baker and Staff,

I want to start off thanking you for the excellent job that you and your staff had done on our wedding day July 5. You all made it so special for us. Everything you promised was achieved and more. The food was so good but we already knew that the day we came in to sample it Which l'm glad we did because I don't remember even finishing my plate the day of my wedding. My friends and family went for seconds they said it was so good and so tasty. The food is usually the number one thing the guests remember about the wedding. Just like you said they would be talking about the food. They were some that even wanted your recipe.

I also wanted to applaud your staff for a job very well done and service as you said impeccable. They were also patient and helpful. I know our group was a handful at times but they always had a smile on their faces. Your assistant was especially helpful that day. They were there for our every need. I was very impressed.

As for the hall, it looked gorgeous The linens so colorful and the fruit and vegetable baskets and flowers. It was very classy and elegant Well never forget it All my family and friends were very impressed by it also. The gardens outside were especially beautiful the pictures Ralph Holland took came out so nice we look like were in a fairy tale that's how gorgeous the pictures came out It was so romantic.

The organization was real smooth. Everything fell right into place from the first dance to the let dance. Alex and I didn't have to do anything but sit back and have a good time. It was great. It really took a lot of the stress off of us. I would definitely recommend the Freedom Hall and Gardens to everyone. In fact, I have already given out your business cards to some couples from my work that are planning someday to get married.

Alex & Elizabeth Rodriguez (the Newlyweds)

So Worth It

This place is AWESOME!!! Not only is the venue really pretty but what makes this place stand out is the overall value - I would call it more of a banquet hall because you won't have a long list of vendors to keep track of and make sure those vendors get paid... basically they're doing everything for you; as far as the wedding day goes. You'll still have to get your invitations and place cards made and things of the sort but as far as making sure your set up is done, Freedom Hall goes above and beyond to make sure they are wedding ready.

I'm not very definitive when it comes to making final decisions and the ladies here were very accommodating and had suggestions to help me put a beautiful wedding in about 2 months - that's what happens when your 20 person wedding balloons in to close to 200.

From the linens, to the food, to the open bar (no hard liquor but who really wants their guests to get too wasted right?), to the level of attention I, along with my husband and bridal party received, is amazing - I didn't have to approach the bar at all for a drink all night, my coordinator Lucia was on top of it! (and they fed me after the dinner was over when I said I was hungry again - I didn't really eat during dinner so I was starving towards the middle/end of the party). Oh, and the DJ and cake were included too!

I'm still receiving praises on the wonderful staff at Freedom Hall and Gardens. I highly recommend this place even if you're not on a budget because of all the upgrades you can get on the food as well as the different touches you can add like draping and up-lighting they really know how to make your day sparkle.

They're also really nice to any outside vendors you bring in like your photographer ;) they don't make them hide out so they are right there to capture all the milestones and candid moments of your big day.

My husband and I highly recommend Freedom Hall and Gardens.

From "the Knot"

Made it so easy!

I was very happy with Freedom Hall. Before I got engaged I had no idea how much time, effort, decisions, and money goes into a wedding. I can see how planning a large wedding can drive a person insane. After months of research my husband and I chose freedom hall as our wedding venue because they knocked like 300 "to dos" off of my "to do" list. the location is a bit bizarre but that's the only complaint i can think of. I was looking at other venues where the cost is high and you have to have a caterer and they charge you a dollar per spoon and 10 for a napkin, and 2 dollars to cut each piece of cake....

Freedom Hall did not nickel and dime us. They do an all-inclusive sorta deal. Our price included meals for 100 ppl, unlimited beer and wine, a cake (which we got to design from a local bakery), and a dj. This took soo much weight off of my shoulders.

My coordinator Lucia had everything covered. She even had a back up plan n case anything I had planned went wrong ( which it didnt, thankfully). She kept me on my timeline and told me when to visit each table to greet guests and when to go take pics.

I did not want to be stressed out on my wedding day, and thanks to Lucia, I wasnt. I cannot emphasize enough how great it was to go into my wedding day without stress and knowing Lucia would take care of everything, I didn't have to keep track of time or activities.

Also, I'm a vegetarian and my husband has some family members with special dietary needs, and we all got special meals without a problem. Love love love freedom hall.

From "the Knot"

My amazing day!

I am so glad I had my wedding at Freedom Hall, they made it so stress free, convenient, and I had THE BEST Coordinator (Sandy) who I consider to be my true Maid-Of-Honor for the day as she was absolutely amazing. She didn't skip a beat and before I could even ask, she already had it covered. My wedding was unique and yet they were able to accommodate some unusual requests but still keeping the wedding so amazingly beautiful and the timing was perfect. I could not have asked for more the perfect venue, awesome food and the amazing staff ALL wrapped up at Freedom Hall - JUST PERFECT.

From "the Knot"

A Wonderful Venue!

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about going with an all inclusive, banquet hall for my wedding. I didn't want my wedding to feel like a "cookie-cutter" type wedding, exactly like all the other weddings at this venue. However, there were so many choices offered (as well as upgrades) in each category (food, linens, cake, decorations, music) that I was sure my wedding would be unique. I also was able to bring in my own items to use that the staff set up for me on the morning of the wedding. I didn't have to worry about anything and everything turned out beautifully and how I envisioned it. Lucia, our coordinator designated for our wedding, was exceptional! She was there to take care of all of our needs and made sure everything went smoothly, all with a smile on her face! I am grateful for everything Freedom Hall & Gardens did for us to make our dream wedding come true! I highly recommend them if you are looking for a stress free, beautiful wedding on a budget!

From "the Knot"

From "yelp"

We recently had our wedding at Freedom Hall (April 24, 2015 to be exact) and we couldn't be happier that we picked this venue!

When we first found Freedom Hall on the internet, we honestly weren't too sure about it. The fact that it was in a business park didn't make it seem like a very romantic place to exchange vows. However, all those doubts were wiped away once we attended their presentation! The grounds are actually quite nice, and the fact that its a business park means no crowds, plenty of free parking, no noise limits and no security requirements! Besides that, the prices are incredibly good for what we get (DJ, cake, unlimited bar, etc.). They even had samples of their buffet menu! We signed up that same day!

An additional worry my now husband had was that he didn't want this to be a cookie-cutter wedding that looked like everyone else's. After talking about it, we figured that the money we saved on the wedding would allow us to spend a little extra money customizing it to suit our vision. Freedom Hall understood that vision, and they were happy to set it up just like we wanted!

We only had about four meetings with our coordinator prior to the wedding, but frankly that's all we needed! They really kept our vision in mind, providing helpful suggestions that would make it extra special! The tasting especially was super fun and we enjoyed every minute!

We've heard countless stories of the stress and pressure couples go through planning a wedding, but honestly we experienced very little of that thanks to Freedom Hall. The fact that virtually everything was included and we had a coordinator took all the stress out of the planning! You have no idea how amazing it feels to be told that our only job on our wedding day was to show up and have a good time!

When the big day arrived, we were blown away with how amazing the setup looked! It matched our vision perfectly, very romantic and classy. All our guests raved not only about how it looked, but also the cake, the food and the drinks. On that day my husband and I looked across the room at all our friends and family eating drinking and laughing, and we knew we picked the right place!

Beyond the actual venue, we don't have enough words to express our appreciation and gratitude to our coordinator Sandy. She was the epitomy of class and customer service throughout this whole process! She treated us like royalty, always keeping our vision in mind and letting us know she was there to make our day extra special, and boy did she! I remember calling her at 9pm with a question more than once, and she was always happy to answer any question and she never seemed like it was a bother!

That whole day Sandy stayed by our side, letting us know what was next and getting anything and everything we needed. I can't tell you how many times my husband and I needed something, then we would turn around and see that Sandy had that very thing in her hand! She even sat near us and kept the guests away during the buffet to make sure we had a chance to eat some of the food! If you sign up at Freedom Hall, make sure to pick Sandy!

Lastly, as a same sex couple we were always a little cautious about picking any venue, because we wanted to make sure that no one had an issue with us or might make our day uncomfortable. That wasn't ever an issue at Freedom Hall! They treated us kindly and with the utmost respect, even changing the forms to say Groom and Groom instead of Bride and Groom. Any couple, gay or straight, who passes on Freedom Hall is crazy! I will always treasure this day and it's in no small part to Freedom Hall and its staff. Thanks so much guys!!!

Sal S.

From "yelp"

We had our wedding at the Freedom Hall & Gardens on 9.15.12. It was absolutely beautiful! Sandy was our coordinator and she and her staff were AMAZING!!!! She had everything, up to the most minute detail thought out and taken care of. The entire staff was so friendly and prepared. They made it so that the only thing I had to worry about was not tripping down the aisle.

Sandy was with me every step of the night. She talked us through the nights routines, always had an eye on my dress to make sure nothing was out of place (which even included loosening my corset when I couldn't breathe), she kept me hydrated, made me laugh when my nerves got the best of me, knew exactly what to say to keep my bridal party confident. She became a personal assistant, an usher, a waitress, and a friend. She was quite honestly the staple that kept the whole night together.

I'm not sure if he was the head waiter or Sandy's assistant, but Pedro was such a sweet and attentive guy. As Sandy was outside lining up the bridal party he stayed in the bridal room with my dad and me to make sure we knew when and where to go. During dinner he checked on our table every couple of minutes to make sure we always had everything we needed. He and Sandy were constantly communicating with each other on their walkie talkie's to make sure everything outside, inside and behind the curtain were going smoothly.

The rest of the staff was so quick and efficient. No one was ever kept waiting for a drink they ordered and everything was very clean and orderly. They use fantastic vendors. The food was delicious and there was more than enough for everyone. The cake was exactly how I pictured it and tasted just as great as the day I sampled it. The DJ was able to feed off the crowd and play exactly what they liked and kept the dancing going all night.

They did everything and anything necessary to make my wedding the magical night I always dreamed it would be. I absolutely recommend Freedom Hall and Gardens.

Alena H.

From "yelp"

My husband and I got married here on March 22, 2015. When we got engaged and started looking for a venue, we knew we wanted to have our dream wedding but also stay within budget. I found Freedom Hall on We looked at the website and wanted to ho check it out in person. my now husband and I went along with my parents to check it out. After touring the venue, trying the chicken dish, and hearing the overall price we instantly knew this was where we wanted to get married. We had a date in mind and when they said they had it available, we booked it. We decided to have our ceremony there so that it would be easier on all of our guests.With Freedom Hall you get so much. You get a buffet dinner, unlimited beer, wine and champagne, a wedding cake, a DJ, a wedding coordinator for the day, and all linens/items. They also do all of the set up and clean up. We had 4 appointments leading up to the wedding beginning 6 months before. They made everything so easy for us. They set up the appointments with the wedding cake bakery and the DJ.

At our last appointment which was 2 weeks before our wedding we were assigned our wedding coordinator which was Lucia. We had met Lucia at our other appointments so we were already familiar with her. The day of our wedding the guys arrived to the venue early and got ready there. The girls got ready at our hotel room at the Marriott. I had handmade about 90% of our decorations and had a very specific idea of how I wanted everything to look. I gave Lucia pictures of how I wanted everything and she set it up perfectly. My husband and I wanted to have a first look and the garden area was the perfect spot. Lucia made sure my dress and veil looked perfect before my husband saw me. Lucia was always there with a glass of water waiting for us while we were taking our pictures. Lucia organized all of the wedding party for the ceremony and it went off with out a hitch. I had a train on my dress and Lucia was able to bustle it for me before the reception. Lucia was amazing and she knew what I needed before I even did.

The venue is in a business center but that didn't phase us or our guests at all. The garden is beautiful. If you have a good photographer you won't even know there are buildings surrounding it.We had an amazing photographer and our pictures look like we are standing in the middle of a beautiful forest. The food was delicious (our guests are still talking about the food 5 weeks later) and the inside of the venue was beautifully set up. Everyone that works there is very nice and professional. My husband and I had our dream wedding for a great price. Having so much included made planning so much easier. If you want a beautiful wedding where they really care about you, I recommend checking out Freedom Hall and Gardens.

Jennifer Y.

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